Long Journeys travelling with Kids in the back of the Car, aren’t they just the best?!

Seriously there is only so much I Spy and ‘Are we there yet’ my mind can take. Never mind when they start signing 99 Green bottles sitting on a wall.

Luckily there are ways and means to reduce the stress levels in the car! We are braving an 8-hour drive with a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old this summer so I have already bought everything on this list!!

Car Activity Tray

Car Seat Tray

This is perfect for kids to stop their toys, books and colouring books falling on the floor. You could even fill it full of toy cars (or snacks) to keep them entertained.


Car Seat Protectors

These are a godsend if like me you keep your kids quiet in the car by giving them snacks. No more crumbs or raisins in the tiny crevices of your car. If your child is still rear facing these also save your car seats from their shoes! A godsend when it is wet outside- you can throw them in their car seat with no worries!

Car Seat Protector


Anti Escape

If you have a little Houdini on your hands these are brilliant to keep them safe and secure. My little girl was a nightmare for getting her arms out of her straps until I bought one of these. The kids taking their arms out is the last thing you need when you are driving on a motorway and have nowhere safe to stop and strap them back in.

Anti Escape Harness



Trunki Travel Pillow

Trunkie Travel Pillow

These are great for when the bigger kids fall asleep and their car seat can’t recline. There is only so much pushing their lolling head up you can do. Not to mention the moaning and screaming when they wake up with a stiff neck. This solves all problems! 


Tablet holder

Car Tablet Holder

This tablet holder attaches to the headrests- allowing the kids to sit and watch without having to look down too much. That never ends well…


Centre Organiser

Car Travel Pal Organiser

No more scratting around for footwell for all of the kid’s toys with this Central Organiser. Keep all of their drinks, snacks and book in one easily reachable place. No more disturbing you every time they want a new magazine or book. 


Window Shades

Car Roller BlindsThese are a godsend when the sun is getting in the kid’s eyes. Woe betide they can’t see their screens! 


Car organiser

Car Seat Organiser

These are perfect for long journey’s- fill them full of snacks and entertainment and everyone is happy! Loving the hook for the inevitable rubbish bag! 



Child Mirror

Baby In Sight Mirror

If you have a child in a rear facing car seat these can give you peace of mind. See exactly what they are up to.


Emergency Portaloo!

Portable  Unrinal


Don’t get caught short! These Emergency Portaloos look like a genius idea! Never worry about those long traffic jams again!