Finding healthy food that’s enjoyable is a struggle for the best of us at times… even more so for kids.

But with a bit of creative thinking, it needn’t be the case.  Check out these healthy ideas below…

Superhealthy Pizza

Kids will love this one and you will be happy with the knowledge that it’s all good stuff. Win-Win! Find out how to make it here>>>

Pineapple Fried Brown Rice

Full of Veg. It’s nutritious and delicious!! Find the recipe here>>

Sesame Butterflied Chicken

My mouth is watering at this one….

Find out what you need here >>>>

Veggie Bites and Burgers (Annabel Karmel)

Kids will love these and best of all they won’t realise how much veg. they are eating! No picking out the healthy stuff!!

I found this recipe and method via:

Alfred Prasad’s Grilled Aubergine Rolls

These look so exciting the kids won’t want to wait to eat them.

Find out how to make them here >>>>>

We would love to see your takes on these recipes and know if your kids enjoyed them as much as ours did!

If you know any other great healthy recipes, let us know!