Aldi Uniorm Event

Get ultra organised without breaking the bank getting the kid’s school uniforms from ALDI !

Go on holiday with that peace of mind that you are all organised, sorted and you have extra spending money because you didn’t have to spend a fortune their Uniforms this year.

Check out these PRICES!! I’m Gobsmacked!

You can get a Full Uniform Including Shoes for only £14.64!!!!

Boys Uniform

That’s Shoes, Socks,  Trousers, Shirt and a Jumper!!  With Different colour Jumpers available- it’s brilliant!

Even just for those spares that get shoved in a bag and sent in every term, you really can’t go wrong!

Get a full Girls Uniform for only £18.37.

Girls Uniform

Even better you can Pre-Order now for dispatch on the 13th rather than fighting your way through the store on the day!



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