kids shoes

Are you buying the correct shoes for your child?

It may seem pretty obvious that your child’s feet grow with age, but you might be surprised to hear that the growth can happen as frequent as every few months, if your child is wearing an incorrect size, this can aggravate their growing feet.

Luckily you can now buy a show size gauge which will let you keep an eye on your children’s feet in between shoe shopping. Check out the ones below by clicking on the images.

Infant Foot Gauge – click HERE.

Toddler Gauge

Junior Foot Gauge – click HERE.

Junior Gauge

Although it’s tempting to hand down shoes to younger children just because they “fit”, its important to measure your child’s feet and tailor each pair of shoes to them personally. Also, sharing shoes could possibly pass on things such as athlete’s foot and nail fungus – which wouldn’t be nice!

Keep an eye on the heels of your children’s shoes, if they wear down quicker than they outgrow the shoe, it could signal an underlying foot problem and should be looked at by a Podiatrist or GP.

It’s also important to take your child shoe shopping with you (the horror, I know) but measuring their feet and having them try on the shoes will ultimately save bad shoe choices and possible foot problems caused by badly fit shoes. Having your child involved in the shoe buying process early on will encourage them to make good shoe buying choices in the future too! Take a look at some of the shoes you could buy with a proper fitting service too – just click the image!

Clarks Girls


Feet are not often exactly the same size, and with that in mind, you should always buy shoes for the larger size foot as not to damage that foot by putting it in a smaller shoe.

When trying on shoes, make sure to have socks and tights, so your child can try them on to see how they feel, also, shoes do not need a ¬†“breaking in” period, they should be comfortable and well fitting from the first wear!