Baby Wipes

No matter how organised you are, travelling with kids NEVER goes to plan.

There is just no accounting for traffic, road closures and those dreaded delays.  Whether it is in a car, train or plane.

I have put this post together to *hopefully* make it much less stressful.

 Whether it is in a car, train, plane. Every parents goal tends to be the same. Get them there without the kids having The Holy Mother of all meltdowns that leaves you red in the face in public, or worse, makes the journey 10X longer than it needs to be.

Get them to carry their own crap belongings.

Let’s face it, we have enough to carry, sort and remember without holding onto their teddy, sippy cup, half eaten biscuit and broken crayon.


Trunki’s are AMAZING- kids are happy with a ride and you are happy to have your hands free!!


Snacks, food, food and more food!

Stuff them full of goodies until they sleep from being too full! At least this is my approach. There is nothing more annoying than the constant whining of ‘I’m hungry’ when you are 2 minutes into at 5 hour car journey.

Gruffalo Snack Pots

These Snack pots are great for re-filling throughout your trip- so handy when you get caught out with a hangry child!


Take a Change of Clothes

They WILL spill something/ puke/ melt chocolate into their clothes. If you wish them to look presentable when you get there make sure you have chucked a spare set of clothes in your bag. That or make them wear an apron!

Apron Bib

If this doesn’t keep them clean then god help you!!



Car Seat Table

This Tray Table looks like a BRILLIANT idea for the car! No more raking around in the footwells for everything they have dropped! Fill the pockets with their drinks, snacks, drawing equipment,


Tablet Car Holder

Let’s face it- the easiest and most affective way to keep them quite it  screen, and when you are stuck in one place for hours on end there is no shame in sticking Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig on repeat. These Car Tablet holders are brilliant if you  don’t want the kids switching apps every 3 seconds.


Aim for sleep!

Ideally your own, but is thats not possible then that peaceful hour while the kids are napping is the most heavenly hour you can get. However it can all be destroyed when they wake up screaming about the crick in their neck you start to wonder whether it was worth it.

Travel Pillow

These Neck pillows are, quite frankly, awesome and soooo cosy. We found them at Matalan!



These are the staple for every parent. Ideal for any spillages, mess, vomit, poo, wee, dust… well… you get the picture.

Baby Wipes

Get Multi-Packs HERE

Basically, do everything you can to make your life easier- it’s hard enough remembering the passports, directions and packing for every possible eventuality. Give yourself a break when it comes to the travel!