The safe search engine for kids…

It is terrifying how much kids spend online these days.

Yes, yes yes, I know that they need to for their school work and to keep up with the friends etc, but do we really know exactly what they are looking at all the time?

Short of sitting over their shoulder constantly while they are online and monitoring their every click, we need to be able to trust that the wont (or can’t) look anything that will scar them for life, be it on purpose or by accident. Lets face it there is only so much safe search on Google can do.

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Kids these days are expected to learn how to use a computer in Nursery. Yep. Nursery. My 4 year old is more proficient than all of her grandparents put together. So finding a Search engine that they can use safely is paramount.

Kiddle is the Search Engine Powered by Google that takes hassle and worry out of their online antics.


Way better than letting your kids loose on You tube you can let them google videos until their hearts delight without worrying that something less savoury is going to pop up in the sidebar.

Purely for research purposes I put Google safe search and Kiddle to the test. I figured if anything would get it’s knickers in a twist it would be a penis.

Regular Google, well… would scar a child

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Google Safe search, while stopping short of showing full frontals still got a few *ahem*  interesting pics.

Bananas and apples

(Pic Credit: Maciej Toporowicz) This was one of the cleaner ones!

Even with safe search on articles about enlargement and size comparisons pop up. Not ideal.

With Kiddle, however you get a great fat “Oops.”

oops kiddle

Perfect if you want to allow your kids to learn how to use the internet without sacrificing their innocence!

Here’s how it works:

how kiddle works

Check Kiddle out for yourself HERE.