It’s that time of year when Halloween is looming – time to prepare yourself!

Kid’s love it, and who can blame them? It’s that magical time of year where it’s acceptable to dress up and take sweets and money from strangers.

The one time of year when kids roam the streets free and if you spot a mad axeman you are more likely to stop and say hello rather than run in the opposite direction.

Every year I make the mistake of leaving costumes until the last minute, and I am always left with either the supermarket dregs or an emergency bin bag!

Not this year though- No matter what you want to dress up as, from a Unicorn to a Zombie; Claires Accessories have everything you need to create your perfect look. Plus online shopping means you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home!

Unicorn Wig

This Unicorn Wig is AMAZING! Halloween or not-this is too cool!

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Cheerleader Costume

Get this Entire Zombie Cheerleader costume for only £25!


The kids get hyped up on so much candy that for a few hours they are borderline diabetics and you get to freeze your furry tail off as you silently stalk them out of sight making sure they are, indeed safe. Speaking of furry tails…

Cat Costume

Get one with this whole look for ONLY £20!!

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Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a good opportunity to dress up as something different and scare the bejesus out of unsuspecting passers-by or even better- your own kids!!

Bat Costume

So if you want to be understated and cute or all horror and gore you will be able to get everything you need and more…

Devil Costume

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If dressing up really isn’t your thing but the kids are hounding you to join in they even have the perfect tops that will require zero effort! Perfect for the time-strapped family!

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They have far too many cool and spooky stuff products for me to show you everything- awaken your creativeness by looking here…


Happy Spooking!!