Clutter, clutter everywhere! Check out these ingenious storage ideas which will be sure to have your house in order in no time!

Under Stair Storage

This is an amazing idea! No more tripping over shoes at the front door and tonnes of storage for that would otherwise be wasted space!

Ceiling Storage

This is genius! Save floor space and it looks brilliant! I would totally love to do this in the kids room. A lesson in physics as well as handy storage for soft toys.

Stair Draws

This may take a bit of planning and work but would be soooooo worth it!! On the condition they shut the draws after they got their shoes out of course…

Under Bath Storage

Imagine all the bath toys you could store and stash in here! No more piles of toys on the side of the bath! Lets face it- those sucker things you can get ALWAYS loose suction in the middle of the night and make you crap yourself!

Under Window Draw

This looks perfect for last minute trinkets, scarves, gloves and anything you need last minute before you run out of the house. All those things that clutter up your hallway nicely.

Kitchen Storage

We came across this brilliant kitchen idea HERE.  I am sick of herbs taking up an entire cupboard and you can never find the one you want without picking each one up to inspect the label. This would solve that problem and use up those spare spaces that are good for nothing.

Hidden Steps

This is perfect for then the kids want to help out in the kitchen but you don’t want to drag a kitchen chair about or trip over a plastic step constantly. This folds away perfectly in space that is otherwise unused- Perfect!