Smartbe hands free Pushchair

Advancement or Waste of money- Could it be both?!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for gadgets and this pushchair looks like one AMAZING gadget!

Hands free running, Integrated bottle warmer, climate control, anti theft system, it charges your mobile, this is sounding great so far!

Super cool and stylish, but just how practical would it really be? I find it incredible that we have the technology to do all of this. It really is mind blowing.

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My question is- are we just getting lazy? 

The battery  power of the pushchair lasts only 6 hours. More than ample if you are just out for leisurely stroll or a run, but what if you were out for a day trip and it ran out? 

It does have different settings – automated where it pushes itself at a safe distance, assisted where you have to push it but it just removes the weight (ideal if you load your full shop on your pushchair like I do) and the good old  manual setting where you do everything yourself.

I would imagine there is all sorts of fail safe technology in something like this- but what if the babies were in the way of the automated automatic canopy? 

Smart Be Canopy

The Video monitoring Camera inside the pushchair looks great, but would you ever leave your baby far enough from you to actually need it? 

Do they really need music in the pushchair? Whatever happened to listening to the care-givers voice and listening to the birds or hearing an aeroplane before you can see it?

What if for what ever reason the computer used to run it crashes? Could you imagine running along and stopping only to see your pushchair continue to roll steadily away from you?! The thought makes me shudder…

One major thing to consider is the unknown affects of the wireless technology surrounding the baby constantly. It is bad enough that you are within Wifi signal constantly and we don’t know the consequences fully- but one right beside your delicate babies head? 

It is an incredible bit of technology but way too many questions and concerns for me to even think of getting one. Would you?

Now available to pre-order

For further details go to their Website: Smartbe