There have been varying reports about this Christmas’s must-have toy. With sock low or sold out in shops and online some people payed well over the odds just to make sure they had one in time for Christmas.

I wonder if they still think it was worth it?

Some failed to hatch – running out of battery power before hatching, leaving kids in tears on Christmas day unable to watch then ‘hatch’, which, was kind of the whole point of them.

They apparently talk gibberish, however there have been several reports of their ‘language’ sounds erm… inappropriate.

Some parents are now claiming that it says ‘F**k Me!’ Just what you want it to teach your child after you have gone to the ends of the earth to make sure they got one for Christmas!

Now this may be the adult’s twisted mind reading into sounds that are completely innocent but do you really want your child to repeat anything that could be mistaken for saying F**k Me???

I am not going to lie- I very nearly fell for all of the hype. My daughter certainly did and wrote it on her Santa list. I managed to get my hands on one but decided (after much deliberation) against it- my sensible head winning and deciding that  £60 probably was a silly amount to spend on a glorified Furby when my 4 year old is still happy to play with a cardboard box.

Let us know your experiences!