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Stop your child escaping their car seat straps with this nifty device…

You are driving happily along and all of a sudden you realise your toddler is not strapped in. Panic sets in and you desperately search for a safe place to pull over to tighten the straps beyond movement. You secure them in, drive off to find out 5 minutes later they are free again. Aaaaargggghhhhh!

It’s the nightmare. You can’t drive safely and there is nothing you can do to stop your strong-willed two-year-old acting like Houdini.

DONT PANIC! There are ways and means of keeping them in their seat without resorting to Homer’s tactics!

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I have had to learn all of this the hard way with my two-year-old daughter who gives a cheeky grin and proceeds to tell me that her arm NEED to be out of the straps.

I was one step off flagging down the local police officer and getting them to tell her to STAY IN HER BLOODY SEAT!!

Then I discovered this…

The 5 point harness Anti Escape System

The aim of it is to stop them being able to sneak their arms out of the straps. This may sound like a minor thing, but in terms of their safety, it could be catastrophic.

Take a look at how it works:

I had never considered how bad the consequences were before watching this video. With a child who starts to wriggle the second I buckle her in, no matter how tight I am definitely going to try one of these.

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It is worth noting that any extras on car seats should be checked with the manufacturer first to make sure they are compatible otherwise it could affect the working of the seat belt and invalidate the warranty.