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Most children absolutely adore pets and animals – the intrigue with how it moves, what it eats and how it sounds often has kids captivated!

That’s all well and good when the animals are at the farm or zoo, but what needs to be considered when you bring an animal into your home?


We take a look at some key areas..

First of all you need to work out what would be the most appropriate pet for your family, most animals live 10 years plus, so it’s best to be well informed and prepared before making the decision.

Lets take a look at some of the most popular pets in our households, cats, dogs and rabbits.

I think it’s fair to say that dogs require a lot more time and attention than cats – what with daily walks needed, whereas a cat will walk itself!

Speaking of walks, we’ve found this fab retractable lead, which work wonders for letting your dog explore but still be safe!


You also need to take into consideration what breed of dog would be suitable, it’s thought that families often choose a dog such as Cavalier King Charles as they are better with children and families, although this would still come down to personal preference of course!

Cats tend to be a lot more independent, if you install a cat flap they will just come and go as they please – kittens require a lot more attention and guidance however, what with litter training and all the playtime the require!

Litter training can be quite tricky if you’ve not attempted it before, but the best thing to do is keep showing the kitten where the litter tray is, and a hooded one does wonders for when they’ve actually used it!!

Check out this one…

cat litter tray

Another important factor to consider when thinking about becoming a pet owner is the financial side of things, think, pet food, vet bills, kennels or cattery stays when on holiday, toys, beds, replacing furniture because the cat has clawed it or the dog has chewed it and so on – the costs soon all mount up! Buying toys to keep them busy works wonders however!!

cat toys


lobster dog toy


There’s always other animals you could consider, but then are they always suitable? Rabbits may seem cute and lovely but don’t really like being handled or picked up so probably wouldn’t be the best with children, same with hamsters which tend to sleep most of the day and be then party the night away – particularly annoying if said hamster is in your child’s bedroom!


There are many different places to get a pet – you could choose a pet shop, a rehoming centre, an animal charity or even a private breeder (although carefully do your research if choosing a private breeder to make sure everything is legit)

We’ve compiled a list of useful links below for if you’d like more information, just click the picture of the animal you’re considering…






Happy pet hunting!!