Are you one of the 63% of working-age grandparents who help with childcare for your grandchildren?


You’re not alone!!

1 in 4 working families and 1 in 3 working mothers get help from grandparents with childcare – that’s a lot of free childcare!!

You could claim Class 3 National Insurance Credits – which could boost your future state pension.

There’s a few things to consider before trying to make an application, the grandchild/children you are taking care of need to be under 12 years of age, there is no minimum number of hours and you must be of working age.

Steve Webb, the Pensions Minister has said:

“Many grandparents are working hard all year round looking after their grandchildren, and it is important that they do not damage their own state pension rights as a result. Such grandparents are contributing to society just as much as someone in a paid job and should therefore be entitled to the same protection for their state pension as if they were in work.

The new system of transferable National Insurance credits means that grandparents need no longer lose out on building up a full state pension just because they are caring for a grandchild.”

To find out more information about this and see whether you or someone you know is eligible click HERE