Magic Santa

If you thought Christmas time couldn’t get any more magical, you need to check Magic Santa Letters out.

These personalised messages from Santa will brighten up your little one’s day and have them bouncing about with excitement. There is nothing better as a kid than receiving your very own letter addressed to you, but imagine their face when they realise that it is from Santa himself! 

Choose from 3 Packages and 5 different templates to find the perfect letter and experience for your child, which is then personalised with their name and what they have asked for for Christmas. 

Ideal if your kids keep changing their mind on what they are going to ask for – you can use the letter to say ‘but Santa knows you already wanted this!’ 

Use the Code XMAS17 to get Santa’s Special Discount of 50% OFF!

That’s a personalised letter from Santa from as little as £2.50!

They will even receive a FREE  ‘Good Child Certificate’. 

With 3 different packages available there really is something for everyone’s budget.

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A perfect way to remind the kids that Santa is always watching if you need to encourage them to be on their best behaviour!