CPR. The only thing you hope you will never need but should always be prepared for.

I hope no one reading this ever needs to use it. However it is essential that all parents and caregivers know the basics. It could save a child’s life.

2 out of 3 people wouldn’t know how to save a life

That is according to St. Johns Ambulance. That’s a scary thought. I hope you never find out, but how well would you do, faced with a life or death situation? Even more close to home, faced with the life or death situation of your own child? That little bundle you love more than anything in the world and would do anything for? Don’t worry- it will probably never get to that, but it can be life-saving to have the simple knowledge of CPR. This means babysitters and siblings too- anyone who may be watching a younger child should know what to do, should the situation arise.

This Nursery Rhyme tells the basics in an amusing clip…

I mean, besides some very dubious rhyming it is really very good for knowing what to do. Terrific may be a stretch though…  Still, any little snippet of song, if it helps you in a stressful situation has to be a good thing, especially when it can help save the life of your child.

If you can’t bear to have this song stuck in your head however, check out these brilliant baby grows:

CPR babygrow

These are a BRILLIANT idea. Kept under their clothes no one will ever know, however incase of an emergency strip them down and they come with instructions! Ideal for those panic-inducing moments.


If you wish for a more erm… ‘formal’ lesson, check out this:

CPR isn’t the only First aid you will needs as a parent- to check out other essential first aid tips go to the St. John Website HERE. It really is worth a read, even if you never need to use it.