Are you holding a children’s party and need idea’s for popular, fun party games then look no further, I’ve compiled a list of ten popular games, most of which can be adapted to suit the age of the kids in attendance and they don’t cost the earth to play!

Musical Statues

What you’ll need: Music!!

This party classic goes down really well at any party, and it’s perfect for any age! Play any popular music, party or dance tracks are really good for this – ask all of the kids to do their very best dancing and at regular but spontaneous intervals pause the music and the kids have to stop and freeze, any child that moves has to sit out – and carry on until you have the last child standing. The game can be made harder by introducing things they have to do whilst stood frozen, such as ‘stand on one leg’, ‘ one arm in the air’ and so on – give this popular party game a go, so much fun!!

Pass the Parcel

What you’ll need: A ‘big prize’ and several smaller prizes, wrapping paper and music.

Another popular party classic – have one ‘big prize’ and smaller prizes according to how many kids are in attendance (this can be tailored to age group too) Wrap the ‘big prize’ up and then continue to wrap it in many layers with a small prize inside each layer (such as a small chocolate or toy). Once you’re ready to play, sit all of the kids in a circle and they pass the parcel around the circle whilst music plays – until it stops, at which point, the child holding it, opens one layer from the parcel, this continues until a child gets to the ‘big prize’ – might be an idea to wrap the big present in a different wrapping paper to distinguish when the game has finished.

Balloon Pop

What you’ll need: Balloons, small pieces of paper, small prizes and music.

I’d love to play this at an adults party!

Take 2-4 balloons per child and inside each balloon put a little piece of paper with a number on it, only fill half of the balloons with prize tickets.

The numbers on the prize tickets will correspond with a small prize.

Whilst playing a little background music – the kids will run around and try to pop a balloon with a prize ticket inside – claiming their prize once all the balloons have been popped.

Great, fun game, but do be cautious of those kids who maybe don’t like the sound of popping balloons or younger kids.

Hot Potato

What you’ll need: A bean bag or soft ball, a small prize for the winner and music.

I think the kids would love this one! They all sit down in a circle and pass around a small bean bag or soft ball, really quickly whilst music is playing – when the music stops whoever is holding the bean bag has to move out of the circle, the last kid in the circle wins, might be nice for the winning child to get a small prize!

Touch and Feel Box

What you’ll need: A few small boxes (decorated if you wish), small objects for inside the boxes, a small prize for the winner.

Here’s a quirky, different party game idea – you’ll need a couple of small boxes (big enough to fit a little hand inside) cut a hole in one side of the box and you can decorate the box with wrapping paper, glitter basically anything crafty if you wish – put an object inside the box, be it something gross and slimy like melon seeds or something small such as a toy car – then the child has to put their hand in the hole and guess what the item is, first child to guess correctly wins a small prize!


Bag Skits

What you’ll need: Bags with props and fancy dress items, a small prize for the winning team.

Great for older kids’ parties but I can imagine if younger kids understood the concept, it’d be really hilarious!!

Split the kids into small groups of 3 or 4, give each group a bag with some props/fancy dress items inside – they then have a little while to come up with a skit, they’ll perform their skit to the other groups, which I’m sure will be guaranteed laughs all round – the skit with the best response/most votes wins a small prize!


Treasure Hunt

What you’ll need: Clues, small sweets for each clue site and a small prize for the winning team.

Depending on what type of party venue you have chosen (perfect if it’s a house party) a treasure hunt would be sure to keep the kids entertained, the clues can be tailored by age group, and with each clue they find, there could be a small sweet for each child playing – the winning group would be the group who found the last clue first!!


Treasure Hunt in Sand

What you’ll need: A box, some small prizes, sand, small flags with each child’s name written on.

Get a shallow box (cereal box with one large side cut out maybe) and place inside the box, a few little toys/ sweet treats, cover these up with sand until they can’t be seen, each child gets a small flag with their name on which they stick into the sand – those with their flag closest to a treat – win that treat!

Jelly Animals

What you’ll need: Small bowls, small animal figurines and jelly.

This game would be so much fun for any age – in a small bowl put a small toy animal (not too small, we don’t want it to be a choking hazard!) then make up some jelly in each bowl and set the animal in the jelly!

At the party, ask each child to take a bowl of jelly, they then have to put their hands behind their back and using only their mouth, get the animal out of the jelly, the first one to get to their animal out is the winner!!


Food on a Rope

What you’ll need: Rope or thick thread, some sweet treats, a prize for the winning team.

Think soap on a rope without the soap! Haha!

On two long pieces of thread, thread something such as haribo rings, hula hoops, mini donuts (basically anything threadable and appealing to kids!) then split the party into two groups, adults hold up the string to a child’s height and the teams work together with their hands behind their back to eat whatever is on the rope, the first team with an empty rope – win!!

My son could single handedly win this game, even as part of a team! Haha!