Messy Toys

If I’ve learnt anything since becoming a parent, it’s you can never have enough storage! Seriously, how do these little people end up with so many belongings?!

Anyhow, I’ve come up with some handy storage solutions that just may help with the minefield of mess that the little people like to create with ease!

The first is practical shelving – it’s all well and good having pretty floating shelves to store trinkets on, until your olympic gymnast child tests whether they can do a pull up on said shelf…

With that in mind, a good alternative is a box shelf – you can either use them as they are, or put storage boxes in each space, personally I prefer this method, keeps things neater and the kids can help put away their own toys – do however, attach these to the wall using the appropriate fixings, or that gymnast child might just try and climb up them!

Chunky Shelf You can get this HERE  

You can also get storage boxes like these, or something similar to fill the space in the above shelf. So handy!

Storage Boxes

You can get these storage boxes HERE 

That’s all the big toys dealt with, what about Barbie’s shoes and spare parts for all the toy cars, you know, those little fiddly bits that find themselves EVERYWHERE!

You can get handy storage solutions which in theory (if the kids ever put anything away) would make these fiddly bits more organised, such as this…

Small Storage Boxes

You could even put sticky labels on the front of each drawer so you know whats in them without rooting through each one!

These can be bought HERE 


If you’re like me, you appreciate the grown up spaces in your house, and you don’t want them overrun with dinosaurs, teddies and random parts of unused board games, then check out this little number.

Fab for those toys strewn all over the living room, but then equally as stylish when its time to tidy away the toys and relax for some adult time!

Toy Box Table

You can get it HERE 

What about outdoor storage?? I hear you cry!

Fear not, I’ve found this fab picnic table with in built storage, perfect for all those little garden toys, and easy enough for the kids to tidy up after themselves!

Picnic Table

Buy this fab number HERE  

Any other fab storage solutions you can think of? Drop us a comment and share your suggestions!