Sugar Skulls

So what are these Sugar Skulls that our Teens want plastered all over?

Well, besides being quite pretty with a touch of morbidity I did a little digging into their background and how they started….

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It all stems from The Day of The Dead which is the same day as  All souls& All Saints Day. It is an old Mexican tradition on the 1st and 2nd of November where they honour their loved ones who have died.

In South and central Mexico The Day of The Dead involves huge and expensive parties combined with offering at Alters for the spirits.

They believe that over the 2 days the Gates of heaven open and the Spirits are able to visit their families from their past life. They believe that happy spirits provide wisdom. luck ad protection so basically they put on a huge display and spread. Lets face it- everyone likes a good buffet!!

With Sugar in abundance and cheap in Mexico it has been traced bath to the 18th Century where they began to make Sugar Art for their Festivities. Skulls represented a departed Soul and they were often made as bright and as beautiful as possible to please the spirits, used to decorate graves and altars.

Over the years that have been modernised and re designed and now they seem to be a huuuuge hit with the Tweenies.

Sugar Skull Bedding

This bedding is STUNNING!


Sugar Skull Earrings

Bright and colourful, I found these earrings on Etsy.


Sugar Skull Sports Bra

This Sugar Skull Sports bra is AWESOME!  They even do bespoke sizes so you can find that perfect fit!