If like me, and so many other parents this summer, you’re considering a summer holiday abroad, or just a day trip to your local beach, there’s a few things to keep in mind.

Water Safety

Playing in the sea is so much fun, when done safely and correctly but there’s some things to bare in mind for when your children are paddling/swimming in the sea:

  • It’s often very cold, even on a summers day (especially in the UK)
  • There may be hidden currents, or even worse, a riptide.
  • There may be hidden rubbish underwater, such as broken glass, etc.
  • Difficulty in estimating the depth of the water.
  • It may be deeper than it looks from the surface.

These things may seem really obvious, but when the kids are so excited to be at the beach and playing in the sea, they can quickly forget the dangers!

Clothing and Accessories 

There’s so many fab swimsuits and hats available, all designed to shelter from the sun and protect little people from sunburn.

Here are some of our favourites…

Sunsafe Set

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Girls Sunsafe Set

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There’s also armbands, rings, swim vests too…which all come in handy in keeping little ones safe in the sea.


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Swim Vest

Have a look at this HERE

It might be handy for the kids to wear some kind of sand shoe to paddle in, just to save their feet incase theres anything sharp in the sand or on the sea floor.

Beach Shoes

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Of course, no summer holiday or day out would be complete with sunscreen!

Sun Screen

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Hope everyone has a wonderful summer – stay safe!