Smallest Pushchairs

Normally big and bulky these small, lightweight strollers are ones you will look forward to travelling with! 

Omnio Stroller

Meet the pushchair you will wish you owned. Perfect if you are going on holiday or you use public transport a lot.

Omnio Stroller

BackPack Buggy

The Child straps become a backpack when folded, with plenty of padding for both child and the adults back.Comfort for all!

It even reclines, meaning nap times won’t be interrupted by a screaming child complaining of neck ache. This is a feature that is tricky to come by with smaller strollers.

Check out the wheels at the front! They can go backwards, forwards and side to side without even swivelling! 


It looks like a dream to pack on holiday!


Pockit Pushchair

This is a slightly cheaper option is the Smallest Folding Pushchair in the World*

Pokit Pushchair


Pockit Buggy

With rotating front wheels it can manoeuvre brilliantly.  

Only 4.3 kg and folds into a handbag sized package. No more stressing on your travels wondering how you can lug your giant pram about! 

Sooo light and versatile, it is definitely on my wish list!